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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

#32. Some of our friends in Australia and the USA were amazed when we told them we were building our New Home in Connecticut while we were living some 4 thousand miles away in Australia. They said, “So you’re going to take a few trips over during the different stages of construction”? “No we aren’t”. They thought we were NUTS to say the least. We told them we have picked the best real estate agent… so it will be easy.

From the very beginning, June 2007 when we found you and your Web site, with a few emails, you were able to zero in on what we wanted and sent us links for the new listings of homes and land as they became available. You were patient through all our cross examinations of each property, by emailing us Visual Tours that you created of the individual homes and their neighborhoods.

It was great to finally meet you in person in January 2008 for our 5-day due diligence trip. You were very well organized, our days of viewings planned so well that it was enjoyable. We loved that you gave us a booklet of all the properties we wanted to look at in order of viewing with a photo so we could remember them from our web searches. Your ‘GOURMET GOODIES’ selection of Food & Drinks in the trunk of your car was a nice touch. What do they say, “through Wind, Rain, Sleet & Snow the Post Office will deliver”…they should change it to… ‘KIM will deliver’. So if we really liked a place in those conditions, it would be even better on a fine day and if we got trapped we had food in the trunk…

You helped us find our perfect location for our NEW HOME and we left Connecticut with land & house package in contract, a house plan in progress and a great lawyer (that you recommended) to protect our interests. Over the next 8 months of construction you played a vital role in the whole building & moving process for us.

Visual tours to view plumbing & electrical fixtures/appliance, tiles, carpets etc and helped finalized our choices by sending us samples by mail so we could see the color palates to make our final decisions.

What made the difference for us were…your videos & photos you took during construction…. You took them with a Real Estate Agents EYE…. you became our EYES… that made us feel like we were there. We shared them with friends and family, so they knew we weren’t building a little shack in the woods.We want to extend our sincere thanks to you, for your Professionalism over the last 18 months we worked with you to secure our NEW Home in Oxford, Connecticut.
#67. Great experience finding our dream home! Kim was very responsive, patient and thanks to her knowledge on offer paperwork, we were able to secure offer acceptance and beat everyone else! Great experience! Kim is knowledgable, pleasant and great to work with! Absolutely recommended!
#33. “Hi Kim! I wanted to thank you for all your assistance over the last several months. You truly made the selling of our home in Danbury as easy as possible..”
#66.  Kim is a wonderful agent! We had a great experience working with her and she was very prompt with our short sale! We will definitely work with her again
#34. Kim – Thanks for all the help you gave us in relocating to Connecticut! Not only did you help find us a fantastic property, but your Local Resources section was a huge help to us! We’ve already used two services off your list in the first week, and they both had great service and great rates! We’ll look forward to using some more as we settle in.

We’ll keep in touch! Nancy
#35. “We had been looking for our home for over 5 years before we first met Kim Gifford who came highly recommended by our NY realtor. After we found out that we would be expecting our third boy we knew that we would need …land for them to grow. I remember that first day with Kim as she was very receptive to our wants and assured me at the end of our first home viewing in Bethel what we wanted and what we needed. She was in tune to what we wanted to spend as well. She was going to find us that house. I remember almost giving up and throwing in the towel when a house came on the market and my husband said call Kim, as always she got us in the very next day. I remember pulling up to the house feeling as if it was home. It was surreal to me I don’t know if it was the people walking their dogs, or the kids running up and down playing on the block, maybe even the ice cream truck that was driving by we both knew that this is where we were meant to be. We had found our home. Kim assisted us every step of the way and has even since then checked up on us from time to time. When you go with Kim and your deal is done you can say that you have a friend who is a realtor and not a realtor friend. It’s almost one year since we drove up and the boys are loving their new home, new brother, new schools, and new neighbors. Thanks Kim for it all. You are the Best!”

#65.  We were so fortunate to meet and work with Kim. She demonstrated an intimate knowledge of the area. Since we were moving from NY she was very kind to make us very acquainted with the area and all its beauty. Kim worked patiently and tirelessly for over two years with us until we found the perfect home for us. Our experience with Kim could not of been any better and we are truly grateful for her hard work. Thank you!

#36. I just wanted to write you a quick note to say THANK YOU for the great work you have done in getting our house SOLD! Your level of service has gone above and beyond ANYTHING I expected. My house had so many showings, you’ve held many open houses – I could go on and on.

I was stunned to receive such detailed and helpful feedback from showings! Previously, when the house was listed with another realtor, I wasn’t even told WHEN or IF the house was shown at all. This property was our Lake home and we live in NY so we’re not always up in CT so having a realtor who is a great communicator like Kim was heaven!

You have been so hands-on, so helpful when I needed a recommendation, and most of all, ALWAYS bright, pleasant and energetic to work with.

I will HIGHLY recommend you to any friend who is interested in buying/selling. And I would pick you to work with again in a heartbeat!

Thanks for all of your help,
#64. Kim is fabulous! We were selling our house while living out of out state and Kim made it as easy as possible for us, handling the local issues. She is positive, dedicated, and patient - - taking the time to answer all our questions. Not only is she professional, but she is friendly and enjoyable to work with. Her knowledge about the market and the selling process are second to none.
#63. Kim was wonderful to work with. Always responded quickly to any and all questions we had. She was able to provide us with a great deal of information on the area, as well as on any topic related to our move.

One of the things I liked the most was Kim’s willingness to be flexible and work with our constantly changing schedules over a long period of time. She also did a great job of meeting the individual needs of the whole family, which is especially challenging when you’re Relocating a Family across the Country!
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