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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

#32. Some of our friends in Australia and the USA were amazed when we told them we were building our New Home in Connecticut while we were living some 4 thousand miles away in Australia. They said, “So you’re going to take a few trips over during the different stages of construction”? “No we aren’t”. They thought we were NUTS to say the least. We told them we have picked the best real estate agent… so it will be easy.

From the very beginning, June 2007 when we found you and your Web site, with a few emails, you were able to zero in on what we wanted and sent us links for the new listings of homes and land as they became available. You were patient through all our cross examinations of each property, by emailing us Visual Tours that you created of the individual homes and their neighborhoods.

It was great to finally meet you in person in January 2008 for our 5-day due diligence trip. You were very well organized, our days of viewings planned so well that it was enjoyable. We loved that you gave us a booklet of all the properties we wanted to look at in order of viewing with a photo so we could remember them from our web searches. Your ‘GOURMET GOODIES’ selection of Food & Drinks in the trunk of your car was a nice touch. What do they say, “through Wind, Rain, Sleet & Snow the Post Office will deliver”…they should change it to… ‘KIM will deliver’. So if we really liked a place in those conditions, it would be even better on a fine day and if we got trapped we had food in the trunk…

You helped us find our perfect location for our NEW HOME and we left Connecticut with land & house package in contract, a house plan in progress and a great lawyer (that you recommended) to protect our interests. Over the next 8 months of construction you played a vital role in the whole building & moving process for us.

Visual tours to view plumbing & electrical fixtures/appliance, tiles, carpets etc and helped finalized our choices by sending us samples by mail so we could see the color palates to make our final decisions.

What made the difference for us were…your videos & photos you took during construction…. You took them with a Real Estate Agents EYE…. you became our EYES… that made us feel like we were there. We shared them with friends and family, so they knew we weren’t building a little shack in the woods.We want to extend our sincere thanks to you, for your Professionalism over the last 18 months we worked with you to secure our NEW Home in Oxford, Connecticut.
#31. Thanks Kim – we really appreciate how you’ve handled our Relocation. You’ve been absolutely wonderful to work with. Please don’t hesitate to give our names out as references. We would always give you the rave reviews you well deserve!!
#30. Hi Kim,

As everyone says, buying a home is not only the largest purchase a family will make, but also one of the most stressful processes. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts, and going above and beyond my expectations of a real estate, our stress was kept to a minimum throughout the process. We had interviewed a number of agencies and agents, and there is no doubt in our mind that we not only sold our home so quickly, but found the perfect step-up home thanks to your diligence and constant vigilance in following the market. Helping guide us to understand what the market conditions were and showing us what we were up against gave us the ability to price our home correctly and sell it in an AMAZINGLY FAST 5 DAYS! Simply Incredible. I have no doubt it was due to the marketing plan you developed and targeting the right demographic for prospective homeowners both on the web and in print. In today’s electronic world, fast access to information means everything, and your web skills and planning simply were up to the task and we got incredible exposure the very first day. Everything clicked the day the house was on the market and we got instant results….and the price we wanted in a down market.

Finding our new home was a challenge because we had very specific requirements, but you found it for us and helped close the deal at a great price. You took the time to not only understand exactly what our requirements for the new house was for us, but were always available to show us properties as soon as they came on the market, and even go back several times to see the homes again. Now that we’re settled into our new home, (our children love it!) I know we found the home our children will grow up in.

Your skill and professionalism made this experience an extremely positive memory on all levels. The resources you helped provide for finding a mortgage company (who got us an incredible package), inspectors, contractors and attorney helped everything go smoothly and allowed us to list, sell, find a new home and purchase it all in less than 60 days.

You can be sure that any time we meet someone who is looking to either buy or sell a home, we’ll be recommending you without hesitation. Thank you again for helping our family find our new home.
#29. Kim, thank you for all you did in making my new home purchase easy, fast and hassle-free.

“Kim is the professional you need when you want to buy or sell your home. Kim is highly knowledgeable of the local market and understands what your needs are and works to reach that objective. Thru Kim’s diligence, we found a home and closed in less than 30 days. Kim had all the right answers, she knew the right people and steered me in the right direction. This was my 3rd house purchase and by far the best experience ever.”
#28. Kim,

Thank you so much for helping me find my first home! Your professionalism, in-depth real estate knowledge/experience and pleasant personality made for a very enjoyable buying experience. All my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly whether by phone, email or in-person. You did a great job of explaining, in detail, the entire buying process from making the offer, negotiating the best deal (which you did) and preparing for the closing….not to mention answering more questions along the way! I am truly grateful for all your efforts.

#27. Selling your property in todays market is NOT easy, especially when you’re living more than halfway across the country from your empty house. Kim was Everything you could want in a Listing Agent…..she provided good feedback after showings, kept me apprised of what was going on in the market, always quickly returned my calls and answered my questions, plus had an infinite amount of patience with both me and the buyer when negotiations got tough. Kim is a skilled negotiator - she even managed to get two buyers interested in my house at the same time!! If you want to sell your house (or buy one) Kim is the person to call.

Thanks for everything,
#26. Kim provided phenomenal service as a result of her professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm. I knew I could count on her responding quickly to my phone calls and emails. When I had questions regarding a property Kim would always follow through to obtain the answers. In addition, she provided guidance during each step of the process. Kim was always looking out for my best interests. At each house-viewing, she would mention the important items to take note of. This was very helpful when deciding which home to make an offer on.

I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a real estate agent, especially for first-time home buyers.
#25. You’re a realtor with Super Powers, Kim! You negotiated the sale of our home for a very good price – amidst this tough real estate market and you found our Dream Home and negotiated a terrific price on that!! What can we say, except a very Warm and Sincere Thank You! Noone else could have done what you did for us! You’re the Best!

Our Deepest Thanks,
#24. Kim Gifford was our Listing Agent and she Sold our home in 1 week. Our property was Sold at our first Open House!

We had contacted Kim about 6 months prior to when we wanted to sell our house and she suggested taking pictures from 2 separate seasons so any buyers could see the pictures of how the house looked at different times of the year. That was a great suggestion and made our brochure and Visual Tour of the house look fabulous! She gave us great tips on how to present the house and she was encouraging throughout the process. She replied very promptly to my email and voicemail, and felt that she had an excellent feel for the market. She was able to guide us during the Selling Process and we greatly appreciated her help, her professionalism, her understanding and patience. We recommend Kim as a Realtor to anyone!

Yours Truly,
#23. Dear Kim,

How do we even begin to say Thank You for all your help? With us being 1st time Home Buyers, you walked us through every little detail. You were there everytime we had a question or concern You were prompt and always got the answer we were looking for, no matter what.

The professionalism you displayed and humor really made this fun in finding just the right home for us. We really felt like we were dealing with a true friend. You knew exactly what we wanted and never gave up.

Thank you again and we would recommend your services to anyone.
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